Copyright and other Issues

Let’s mull over some of the major issues of copyright to may need to be dealt during my research this semester.

Copyright, to some archives, is the beast that does should not speak its name. It’s intricate  complicated and can be scary. The recent case at Georgia State University proves that copyright suits are real, and that copyright is something for university to vigilant about. Archives in particular need to understand how copyright impacts our holdings. Copyright really only comes into play when we publish and reproduce our holdings. This is especially true in the age of the interent where many organizations are providing access to collections online. What are some of the basic aspects of copyright that effects this type of access?

Who Owns It: Ownership of copyright is probably one of the major issues facing archives. Archives need to have an good understanding of the possible owners of copyright for any collection that’s slated digital access. This may not mean conducting an etensive copyright search, but having a good understanding of copyright issues in a collection is a great place to start

Fairuse: is the access that’s be given to copy written materials an example of fair use.

reproduction rights
how you will handle cease and desist and takedown request

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