Exam Season

I have a history of using meme’s to announce exam period is beginning. I confess to using bleak cultural reference to do this because it makes me giggle.  Hopefully a bit of humor breaks up the test taking stress. I know I always appreciated it as a student. Here’s to finals season. May the odds be […]

Freud, Derrida and Electronic Records – Beginnings

For some reason, hubris, scholarly ambition or possibly madness, I’ve begun an extremely slow and careful reading of Archive Fever by Derrida. Often times postmodern issues, this work in particular, crop up in classes, research and impolite conversation, and I felt that it was needed to really give it a careful reading and test my […]

Archiving Engagment

Here’s a post from Georgia College’s ENGAGE program about the presentation I recent did with Katie Simon and Tess Lyle about the Citizen Solider Project @ Georgia College  blog. https://engageatgc.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/archiving-engagement/ This project involved working with freshmen student, artist Jack Leamy, Katie, Tess (a TA), community groups, and most of the library’s departments.

Marquette Warrior Free Speech Debate: Blog Post Was Ethics Breach | The New Republic

Marquette Warrior Free Speech Debate: Blog Post Was Ethics Breach | The New Republic. I came to the exactly same conclusion as the author of this New Republic. This was way less about possible political correctness and more about the actions of the faculty member. It’s hard not to talk about your students, but it’s doubly important […]

A New Library

  This is a great editorial that was written before the current Georgia College Library came into existence. What I find fascinating about this student’s argument for a library centered around how important a library collection is to attracting students to a campus and to make sure that the college’s reputation. These two ideas are […]