Next Semester

While I may enjoy this quietness of this time of the year, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Between evaluations, winding down projects, and planning for next semester, I find myself really busy. Here are some of my big semester plans expand my research process flow chart into a formal presentation complete […]


I think i’ve got the visuals closer to what I’d like for theme to be. Is it just me but is playing with the design of a page time-consuming and not always fruitful especially when you are borrowing a lot of your design elements. So hopefully now, for the most part, I can spend some […]

Facebook Pages and Such

I feel that I’ve committed a giant act of hubris today, but all with good reasons. I created a Facebook page for this blog/myself. Mostly I did this to test a plug-in that integrated with Facebook. It apparently works mostly. So yay I’ve now integrated myself with Facebook so that I may like my […]


So yesterday evening while attempting to do a minor upgrade to Friendly Neighborhood Archivist, let’s call it version .5, I fubared everything. It was a mess, so taking a page from general Sherman, I scorched the earth and planted a nice shiny new version .6. The major difference is that I opted for WordPress as […]