Do You Reverse

Apparently there are two versions of the video of Flannery O’Connor with you backwards walking chicken. The Pathe News Reel company created two versions of this news reel. One entitled “Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse” appeared to be for the american market. This video is available without sound in the Flannery O’Connor Collection in the […]

I Moved

I just moved over to a new serve this week due to a lovely bunch of maliciousness on my old server.  Here’s hoping the new host/sever is much more secure. To be honest, it’s really my fault for neglecting my older server/host for so long. I should have taken much better care of it than I have […]

Writing February 1 – 13

I decided to write elsewhere for the last two. Here’s what I’ve gotten thus far. Feb 1 This presentation from librarians at the UGA Law Library. In this presentation the librarians discuss the issues related to copyright and institutional repositories. They relate to this issue by making a few assumptions. They believe first that they […]

Writing January 31, 2012

Today as I’m pondering copyright and access a recent work issue is stirring my mind more than anything that I’ve read. How can you limit access to university created content in a way that encourages user to continue paying for that content. This is some what important to for smaller journals and publishing groups that […]

ARST 5500 January 30, 2013 Class Discussion

Questions Two articles discuss Jenkinson’s four characteristics of archives (impartiality, authenticity, naturalness, interrelationship of records). Do like these characteristics? What was the core disagreement between Duranti and Boles/Greene over these? In selection of records, who is more important to consider the records creator or the research that might use them? (Tshan) What are your thoughts on Duranti’s […]