Digital Diplomatics

A recent Ars Technica article demonstrated that there’s a great need for diplomatic training in the record keeping profession. This case from Canada revolved around using fonts for forging records, but the would-be forger used a series fonts that would not have existed at the time the documents were created. New Skills?

Archives and Current Events: Social Movements, Archival Access and Collecting

Recently in a class I provided my students with a rough case study involving a higher educational institution that asked the students to from an ethical stand point what to do with unsolicited materials that had records related to an alumni group that were both embarrassing to the institution and racially charged. I asked several follow […]

Laws of Data Protection

I’m an avid fan of anything in the cloud, especially if its cross platform. Evernote was one of my first loves of cloud computing. Even though I’ve been carrying on a torrid love affair with dropbox for the last several weeks, I still use evernote as my “archive”. Today’s post from the evernote blog only […]