Laws of Data Protection

I’m an avid fan of anything in the cloud, especially if its cross platform. Evernote was one of my first loves of cloud computing. Even though I’ve been carrying on a torrid love affair with dropbox for the last several weeks, I still use evernote as my “archive”. Today’s post from the evernote blog only served to reassure and reaffirm my love for this product. Today evernote was discussing their three guiding principles that dictate how they hand the data that their user place into evernote. They are simply:

  1. Your Data is Yours
  2. Your Data is Protected
  3. Your Data is Portable

As a user these simple rules make me feel better about using evernote, but let’s move beyond evernote and think about how could these data protection rules be applied elsewhere. How could archives benefit from rules similar? Are they too confining?

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