Historic Juxtaposition

Southern Israelite, 1940’s AD Working on another research project this afternoon, I stumbled across this image. I immediately recognize the stereotyping of an African American man as a jovial waiter happily ready to serve a cold beer. This type of imagery was common in print and media through the early part of the twentieth century. […]

Exam Season

I have a history of using meme’s to announce exam period is beginning. I confess to using bleak cultural reference to do this because it makes me giggle.  Hopefully a bit of humor breaks up the test taking stress. I know I always appreciated it as a student. Here’s to finals season. May the odds be […]

To Know the World – Thinking about Archival Appraisal

To know the world, one has to penetrate it as deeply as possible. I recently came across this quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski in a Vice article. I was completely unfamiliar with Kapuscinski either the journalist or the author before stumbling into this bit of text in a, but this quote really got me thinking about the course on […]

Archiving Engagment

Here’s a post from Georgia College’s ENGAGE program about the presentation I recent did with Katie Simon and Tess Lyle about the Citizen Solider Project @ Georgia College  blog. https://engageatgc.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/archiving-engagement/ This project involved working with freshmen student, artist Jack Leamy, Katie, Tess (a TA), community groups, and most of the library’s departments.