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I’m Feeling Ethically Challenged

I think it is important to say when you aren’t feeling ready to teach a topic. I’m feeling that way about ethics tonight. I can saunter into the copyright class and do laps, but ethics has got me nervous. Engagement with the topic has been great. I just have that weird educator feeling that I’m not sure I’m ready for tonight. I’ve spent the afternoon beyond other work functions wrapping my head around why. The best I can come up with is *shurgs*.

It’s probably because the root of our ethical constructs can come from very different places. Some are based on religious practice and others are logical constructs. Regardless they are tempered by experiences. Yes, we have our professional code as archivists, but each of us is going to understand them differently. So it’s hard to walk in and have absolute answers, but ethical conundrums are rarely absolute. So shouldn’t that be ok to not know? Yes, but yet I still think and drink more coffee.

Will they resolve by class time, probably not? I honestly feel good being nervous which lets me know what I’m thinking.