1’s & 0’S: Today in teaching

Today, I’ve been debating how deep into encoded digital records that I need to take first semester students. I typically have them work on more management-focused activities such as creating a virtual machine or managing a free/low-cost server/website. I decided to change courses this year and have them create a small development environment based on VS Code, which is my favorite text editor, coding platform.

I’m struggling a little bit with this. In my mind, it seems easy, give students a space to work on text files, edit JSON or XML, light coding of HTML. Then I get stuck a bit because I want them to experience some more advanced languages such as python, maybe java, and possibly c/c++. c coding which should be easy is giving me pause because it seems to be a struggle to set up the development environment vs python or java which feel like they are relatively easy. This is having me think that my management-focused activity is better for archivists or am I missing something easy.

More to think about.