Digital Diplomatics

A recent Ars Technica article demonstrated that there’s a great need for diplomatic training in the record keeping profession. This case from Canada revolved around using fonts for forging records, but the would-be forger used a series fonts that would not have existed at the time the documents were created. New Skills?

I Read This: June 12, 2018

Neat Silicon Valley has a problem with conservatives. But not the political kind. – Vox Uncool Falcons’ star Julio Jones is not a happy mini-camper Trump’s Trade Adviser Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ Trudeau Comments Buckhead residents sue Bobby Jones Golf Course developer I didn’t see this coming Mike Pence will address Southern Baptists — just as […]

The legal battle for gaming’s past | Polygon

Archivist have dealt with these types of legal issues for year, but focusing on preserving games, specifically through circumventing any kind of access controls or DRM, refrains the conversations nicely. Games can seem like “magic”, and this “magic” obscures all the software and hardware that’s used to run. What happens when that “magic” is no […]

Sad Puppies’ Hijacking of the Hugo Awards Won’t Stifle Diversity in Science Fiction — The Atlantic

This is the second time today that I’ve seen #gamergate brought up. I really don’t understand the desire disengage from people who have different perspectives and opinions than you. I really tried to understand this mentality and the companion ways of thinking that encourages raging when ideas conflict with your own and retreating to a […]