How Iowa Flattened Literature

How Iowa Flattened Literature is one of those pieces that makes you go hmm. It echoes a few works a I’ve read that deal with the post war America and the Cold War. The author, Eric Bennett, is definitely more concerned with how Paul Engle, the head of the Iowa Writers Workshop, collaborated with the […]

Everything Old is new Again

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”One of the fun things I read last week, and Yes I do notecards to track what I read.” type=”image” alt=”IMG_1222.JPG” ] I’ve been trying and failing to manage my research and writing for years now. Mostly, I’ve failed miserably. I’ve tried Zotero. I’ve tried using just Evernote. Nothing work and I […]

Learning Web Design Chapter 1-3

The first three chapters of this book discussed the basics of the internet and world-wide web. Chapter one was really just “calming” voice or more appropriately a pep talk about what is actually needed to design websites. This chapter discussed some of the players who are involved with web designed. I was most attracted to […]

What I’m Reading Friday January 6, 2011

Today’s reads are Lloyd, Annemare.  Information Literacy Landscapes: Information Literacy in education, workplace and everyday life. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2010. Browne, M. Neil and Stuart M. Keeley.  Asking the Right Question: A Guide to Critical Thinking. 9th edition. Upper Saddle, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2010. Mostly spent about half an hour skimming each of these. I’m really looking forward to […]