Skitch and Evernote together

I just heard some really great news. Skitch, a fun and useful annotation tool, was just acquired by evernote, the cloud computing company that helps you remember everything. This is great for a whole host of reason.

  1. The full version of Skitch for mac is now free!!! Now you can snap full screen grabs, Safari grabs, and full window grabs from Skitch without the 19.95 charge. The full version will you allow you to export to a variety of formats including pdf.
  2. With Skitch and Evernote together, Evernote’s annotation features are only bound to get better and better. Evernote is great at text recognition and keeping my notes organized, but it has never had annotation build into it. So I can only imagine what will be coming in the future.

I’ve always appreciated how innovative Evernote has been, and this will only lead to much, much more.

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