What I’m Reading Today

Today I stumbled across a couple of interesting reads. The first is completely out of my comfort zone.

Von Hippel, Eric. Democratizing Innovation. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005. Available Here

I stumbled across this book after tracing a few links related to a gadget I really, really want after it goes into production. Back to this book. I’m interested in exploring Von Hippel’s thoughts on innovation and ponder how to democratize information innovation in the academic library setting. I maybe going down a dead end, but at least I’ll be out of my element for a while.

I also read this article (Theres a pay wall) on the “end” queer theory. Queer and Then? by Michael Warner deals with the coalescents of what’s known now as queer theory, its development, and seeming demise specifically in light. It was an interesting read. I have long dislike of queer theory as a line of inquiry and interpretation, but this maybe  due mostly to ignorance and by background studying history, which as a discipline doesn’t work as much with theory.

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