Idea Journal 1

My initial thoughts for my ARST 6610 (archives law and ethics) paper is to explore copyright and its relationship to institutional repositories. This is a timely topic for me during this semester because I’m working on establishing an institutional repository at Georgia College’s library. For me its particularly important to understand the intricacies of the copyright issues in regards to placing archival content online as well as collecting content across campus. Some of the issues I believe that I’ll be wrestling with include:

  • collecting university grey literature. Who owns it and where does it belong?
  • Struggling with open access and faculty’s reluctance. Who owns a faculty member’s intellectual output.
  • How can fair use be leveraged to allow greater access to archival content?
  • What types of copyright searches must be performed to ensure digitized archival content is ready to be ingested into a institutional repository?

These issues are related but in some respects they are two different sides of the same coin.

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