Original Stupidity

I’ve been thinking, mostly in between meetings and on the ride home. While this activity is inherently dangerous, I think I’m onto something this time. I’ve always had a hard time with the concept of original sin. Despite what’s certain parts of reddit, the comment section of the daily beast and on talk news, I just can’t accept that everyone’s inherently evil, but I must at least philosophically say there are traits that humanity shares among our disparate ethnographic and cultural groups . I recently came to the understanding that what we all suffer from is Original Stupidity. All humanity is inherently stupid. We make stupid choices that go all the way back to the decision to listen to a talking snake about what to have for an afternoon snack. It’s only gotten worse from that point going forward. It’s perfectly fine that we all a little bit stupid, myself especially. Admitting it is the first. The second is thinking a little bit before you do anything because well we tend to do stupid things, and this idea that you think is some kind of wonderful has a really good chance of not going over so well. The last step is to also understand that often times despite our best intentions,  thinking ahead,  and admitting that we are stupid things work out in marvelous fantastic kind of ways. I like to think of these kind of occurrences, or machinations of the divine, as the true meaning of grace, divinely good things that happen in spite of and completely contrary to our inherent and unending stupidity.