Parts of the Instruction Session

As i ponder this adventure into the History of archivial insturction, I find that I really want to think about the parts of the instruction session. to me there are, at least three major parts


Pedagogy simply means how content is deliveryed to students/users. Pedagoy approach can take many forms. this include standard lecture, socratic method, engaged learning or some other approached designed to improve student rentiotno of imformation. Often pedagogy is not considered when planning an instruction session. This is an important component of a session.


Content is typical the most thought out section of a session, but there are some important pieces to conserder. Elizabeth Yakel come up with these core content areas to inclued in an instruction.

  • Artifactual Literacy – is the concept that allows a user to understand the complexities of a source. Particuallry. having this type of literacy allows a user to understnad the inofrmation presented by a primary source. It allows allows the user to understand some of theissues surrounding the creation of that source including format, process used for creation and topic
  • Subject Area Knowledge – This relates to the background information needed to understnad a source in its historical era. this content is not easy to teach in a session. it seems virtually impossible to impart in a seession
  • Archivial Intellengence – this is one important aspect of a session and includes understanding how archivial material is organized, made avlialbe to researchers and the discovery process. Discovery is ian important concept to impart to researchers.

These three concepts are important to understand archivial material and being competnect in all three will allow a reacher tothe ability to easily use archival material.

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