Thinking about Engaged Learning

So what is exactly engaged learning? To be honest, I don’t always know the anwer to that questions. It seems that at its heart is about increasing the interest a student has in his or here learning process, but it’s more than that. It also seeks to increase retention of information as well. According to NSSE, student engagement also requires faculty and students to interact mores. So it really extends become what pedagogy is utlized in a classroom setting. So to list. Engaged learning is:

  • increasing student participations in learning process
  • encouraging work outside the classroom
  • improving retention of information

But is it more, I hope to discover this as I continue to research this topic.

So what might be some aspects of an engaged learning classroom. Well i’d like to think that it would be fun some of the times, require a lot of activity from the students, encourage deep discussion, and generally have a positive effect on students. I find myself thinking about what might be involve? Are these unrealistic ideas of an engaged learning classroom? Will students even care?

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