Wednesday writting

What does user centered archives mean? Is this q concept well explore. For me this means dealing with the person not the collection first. It means being whiling to to a bit more leg work to aid e the patron, and not wholly abandon them to be over run by the collection. It means to encourage using the experts in the archive as much as the archive it self. The focus becomes more on the current and the leaving and less on the dead. It seems that lit focuses on this more and more, but I’m afraid it’s just lip service. Actually itsmqutiemsimplemtombegin moving down a user path.

  • ensure description is good enough
  • create description that meets the users needs not the collections
  • ensure staff kno
  • worry less about unnecessary protocols and rules
  • heavy emphasis should be placed on the reference interview
  • go beyond you collection
  • Archivist have done much of this n the past, this should be holistically applied across the whole process

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