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I’m find myself wondering about the concepts exhibited in elizabeth yakels article on archivial outreach. Main the issues of Artfactual Intelligence, Subject expertise, and Archivial Intellegence. These are important topics to consider when dicussing the mehtds for insctuction. These are the desired outcomes, but what to we mean about archivial intellengence. What skills are we trying to impart to our students when they are taught how to use an archive.

So what is archivial intellengence?

  • it is the abilty to understand how information in organized and arranged in an archive
  • set of skills needed to utlize archivial material
  • abilty think beyond the finding aid to locate possible sources (thinking literaly outside the box)
  • abiltity to interprete the organization of a set of records just from context clues
  • capacity to demonstrate understanding of the arrangement of archivial materials

History of user instruction

Theorically it should look something like this.

Archival profession establishe.
Archives began examining outreach as an option
Archives dablie the creation  of exhibits for public use
archives beging to understand importance of new histories of underrepresented communities.
Orentation at large organizations. Need because of complex systems or protocols or government regulation.
Seen as necessary due to movement in field to create archives at academic institutions.

Themes that will be discovered

Theme of archivial outreach
Theme of expanding archivial use
Theme of engaging non-traditional learning communities (not just historians).

Why is this important. It engages user in a new way of dealing with the past. Th ite forces them to deal with the historical record and make their own assumptions of about what constitutes history, and what is important to them as an individual, a culture, country or social group.

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