This weeks writing

There are a lot of projects to work on over this coming week. A few for work, one for school and I need to decide about something extra. Here’s the break down of what I need to think about and plan.

Copyright and institutional Repositories

  • I probably need to pair things down a bit. There’s potentially too many things to cover.
  • I want to read, take notes on the Tom Watson article from American Archivist. That’s a great starting point for the issues surrounding copyright and access. I also need to find my notes from the authors presentation from SGA in 2010 to see if there’s other information that I can use that might be outside of the article.

Primary sources

  • understand how to explain data as a primary source
  • write opening section defining primary source
  • refine analysis section
  • Do I need an archive section

Engaged Learning And archives

  • I need to decide if i want to pursue something on this for spring 2013. I can’t sit on it too long.

History of educating users

  • While i need to write on this topic, i need to spend most of my time pulling sources together.
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