Information Access and Informed Society – Digital Citizenship, Information Overload & Political Literacy

“Information Access and Informed Society – Digital Citizenship, Information Overload & Political Literacy” is the title of the presentation I’m giving next week at Georgia College’s Global Citizenship symposium. As you can probably tell, it’s kind of dense topic that I will have to be careful how I unpack it. I didn’t exactly come up with it, but it’s on the programs, so i’m “running” with it. So far my thoughts on how to break things down look a bit like this. It should be fun


  • Library’s perspective on information access
  • What we hope to accomplish through collection, organization and access

Accessing Information

  • What does it mean to access info?
  • How is this complicated today?
  • What’s the difference with media today versus yesterday

What does literacy mean?

  • Many different literacy
  • How reading is not actually enough
  • Visual, Auditory, Technical, etc, etc (mention transliteracy?)

Organization and Quality of Information

  •  Web doesn’t so much organizes it as jumbles it together
  • Is there such thing as information overload?
  • Curation of information and the problem with social networks?

Limiting Access to information

  • The problem technological inequality
  • Expectations of informed public and realties of that public (broadband speeds?)
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