Desk Fort

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I realized this afternoon while I was switching gears to work on a book review that I need to finish up that I’ve essentially created a “mini-fort”, really its more of a wall, on my desk. This “mini-fort”, to me at least, must act like a barrier to help maintain my distance from anyone who enters my office. I’m not sure that this is really a good thing, unless I’m trying to keep out invading barbarian groups, but Milledgeville has had a Hun invasion in a long, long time. It really goes against my attempt to have tea, water and other amenities in my space for the many visitors, and office meetings I’ve been having this summer, and will continue to have in the fall. What I haven’t done is ensure that my space is inviting from where I sit. The image above doesn’t show the giant two monitors that sit to my left, my greatest barrier, but it does show the brickabrack scattered on the desk leaving no one a place for tea, or, more importantly a direct line at communicating with me. I feel like this is vitally important, and I plan on changing it this week. I do question whether I’m over thinking things or if it’s really necessary to create an environment in “my” office to make others feel more at home. Anythoughts

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