The semester is well underway

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As the semester rages, and use whatever sense of the word you’d like, I often find that I’m getting over whelmed again. This is the cycle of things it seems. I’ve tried task management systems. I’ve tried various techniques to encourage myself to be a productive faculty member, including forcing a writing regiment, but honestly none of the ever seem to completely work. I’ll stay focused for a week or maybe three. After that, I fall off the wagon. It’s probably due to my ease of distraction or my inability to say no. Whatever reason is the cause of the anxiety, i’m going to try to stop this. How you may ask? I don’t really know just yet, but I believe the secret lies with paper and note cards. How do note cards and paper solve my feelings of being overwhelmed? I don’t know, but I’m in the middle of an experiment that I hope will help organize my research and professional activities in a way that let’s me embrace the calm.

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