Academic Reading Back-log Clean up

I’m quite happy that I’m finally making a sizable dent in my reading backlog. Sadly much of this should was to be completed during a summer research project that kind of fizzled all my fault. Sadly that seems to happening all to often here lately, but that’s another story. One will have no songs sung about in the great Halls of Valhalla, well technically the quiet room right off the main hall where the particularly war like faculty end up spending eternity.

Beyond not quite finished writing projects, I’ll be quite happy to get rid of this reading backlog by the start of fall semester so I too can approach the academic year with a clean slate and fresh eyes. I give that sensation about a week, but I try to be optimistic. I just have to keep plugging away at the stack of articles I need to check, make notes on, and file away for use at a later point. Now its back to the battle field of peer-reviewed funness. Maybe if I’m good I too can at least earn a spot in the quiet room in Valhalla. I hear they have nice cheese plates.

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