Daily Recap

Today was weird, and I’m not being funny. I’d gladly like to relate the Norse saga that was my work day to you, but I can’t because it was one of those days where you can’t talk about half of what happened. I blame all the weirdness on the impending semester. It never seems to fail that the beginning of fall semester is always a flurry of craziness. I honestly think the lead up is worst than the actual semester. Bring on the sweet stability of the fall term. Here’s to a productive and interesting semester for everyone.

Favorites for the Day

    This was my top story for the day. While this is a good step, this isn’t in one of the many national cemeteries dedicated be the final resting places for our uniformed men and women, but that doesn’t mean the news isn’t any less important.1
  2. Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch single
    I’m not even sure my record player can even handle a seven vinyl version of the Batman:TAS theme song, but I kind need a couple of these on my wall. The price is great too. One day I’m just going to open a line of credit at Mondo.

What I’m Playing

  1. Abe’s Exodus: New and Tasty (PS4)
  2. Godus (Mac)
  3. Final Fantasy X (PS Vita)
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